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    Found this site after searching for some decent 'free' shooting ranges to have some good clean fun out in the sticks. Been to a few ranges that require membership fees or paying to use the facilities, but it kind of sucks the fun out of shooting when you have to pay hundreds of dollars a month to have a little fun. Or even with the 'cheaper' ranges they still strictly do NOT allow anything even remotely close to 'rapid fire'...

    I'm originally from Iowa, where I grew up not to far from my home was a pretty darn good range. Good people, respectful, and safe to shoot all the times I've been there. Best of all it was FREE, it was maintained by a volunteer and occasionally a DNR range-officer was present. But mostly it was pretty laid back in terms of rapid-fire, etc. As long as you were safely handing your firearms, keeping the rounds on target, etc.

    Would love to find a nice 'spot in the woods' not too awfully far from Whidbey Island area. Most of the places I keep reading about end up being way far in south/east WA... Again spending $200 on gas, and driving for 4-8 (x2 for round trip) hours = sucks the fun out of shooting.

    But hey I'm not here to rant, just want to enjoy the sport/training/practice with like-minded people :)
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    Welcome to the forum, I know we have some other members up your way so hopefully they will know some spots. Gary
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    Welcome to NWF!! Best of luck finding a range close by!! :thumbup:

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