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    Hello everyone. My husband is a member of this forum and I decided to join as well. I don't know if my first post was successful or if it timed out, so I'm erring on the side of caution and reposting.

    I've created a business plan for a proposed new indoor shooting range for Hillsboro Oregon (approx. 38,000 sq ft). Take a look at www.friscogunclub.com or Home |Governors Gun Club for an idea of what I am proposing. The city tells me that I am going to face an uphill battle (when I win I will be the only female shooting range owner in Oregon). The city has also recommended that I get an attorney.

    Here's my question, is there anyone on the forum that is an attorney in the Portland Oregon area that is willing to help me navigate these waters (pro bono)? Is there anyone that knows an attorney that might be willing to help me?
    Please PM me if you are able to help me.

    Thank you and wish me luck.
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    Best of luck.....

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