Hello and yes Im a Newbie, so please be kind...LoL

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    Just dropping in to introduce myself, and to say I am very Happy to have found this Website. I BELIEVE. In the Constitution of the USA , and will fight with all my might to stop any and all attemps to violate any part of it. By any American Political Officials, might I ADD, We as Americans can VOTE to remove any and all who try and deprive Us of any of our Constitutional GOD given Rights, as set forth by Our Founding Fathers, when They prepared and Delivered To All American Citizens, The UNITED States of America Declaration of Independence, and Constitution adopted in 1787 and put into affect on March 4, 1789. So here you have it ...UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL... So We need to Start Practicing what We Preach. If We dont Use Our Constitutional Rights, We Will Surely Lose Them . Dont give the ELECTED Officals enough rope to Hang Us All... Learn Your Rights and help KEEPAmericans FREE... Sorry for rambling on and on, but I get SO Frustrated knowing that a lot of Americans are turning a blind eye and deaf ear to what Our Country was founded and based on.Most arent even aware of just how close We are to no longer being A FREE PEOPLE, in a FREE COUNTRY. Stand up for YOUR RIGHTS, Use them where ever and whenever they are needed. Please keep The USA FREE, for all generations to come. Sincerely, Me
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    Hello everyone.... I'm a newbie....collector and would like a MN 91 30 Sniper

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