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    Hello everyone,

    I thought I'd check out the forums and introduce myself. I live out in SW Wa, and really enjoy running my dogs and hunting over them.

    I like to plink and shoot clay birds and am looking to add a lever action .38spc/.357 to my small collection (since it will run on the same ammo that my sidearm does.)

    I write occasional hunting/dog related photo essays.
    here is one you might enjoy.....

    it is fun to do something to commemorate the new year

    i remember back in 76’
    when the big fireworks display got loose down at the lake

    someone knocked a mortar off its mark
    it all went off at once

    it was just another new years
    but i’ll never forget how the whole world rocked and lit up for a moment

    back in 1999 a bunch of kids ran stark naked through our neighborhood
    i laughed and yelled at them
    told them they were all insane

    as i hooked my boat up in the dark with frozen hands and snow falling

    “crazy,” i thought
    not being able to see my own reflection in the glass on the truck with a skiff of snow on it
    the night before driving 120 miles in the ice

    with no studs
    and enough boat behind the truck to push me
    right off the bridge over mary’s creek on hwy 30

    mike met me in the little mill town and we loaded kodi up
    kaden rode in his crate and everyone settled in after a growl and a rumble

    mike is good about getting out when most folks are not able to
    when some guys roll out of bed at noon on new years day
    he is ready bright and early
    kodi and kaden got into the bomber and we took off into the big river beyond

    the boat sputtered before dawn
    it is a bad feeling when the motor decides it is tired of the long muddy churn out in the middle of it all
    we swore some and walked back and forth in the boat and it wheezed some more
    we yelled at the dogs and walked back and forth some more\

    the boat kept running and after we made a few adjustments and nursed the primer bulb
    somehow it responded


    we beached the bomber and dropped off our gear
    and boosted a solitary river otter out of the spot just a few yards away

    sent him burning out in the sand
    swimming away like a torpedo into the muddy river water

    the dogs wanted to pursue
    but we had work to do

    mike likes to come up with a plan for deploying the decoys

    i like to drag them out and drop the anchors
    give them a little slack

    after many years of hunting with mike
    i have learned to listen to his plan
    then i nod in agreement

    then i get back in the boat and drag the anchors out and drop them where they fall best
    let gravity pull on 60 lbs of window sash weights
    the muddy currents bow the string

    sometimes i hit the mark he had in mind
    sometimes i am off by a country mile

    most times i suppose the difference is split
    we get our birds

    mike and kodi like smoked duck
    so they smoked this one




    kodi made a great fetch and took a long swim

    we had more bluebills working the spread and did our best to knock them down

    the red dog wanted to give it a go too
    mike was able to drop a nice drake to help with the process

    the boy was off like a 60 lb rocket



    the red dog is good at tactics that some folks would call “submersive”



    he was pretty fired up to get his first big bluebill of the new year


    i asked him how it felt to get out there and get a nose full?
    he closed his eyes and sat for a moment and seemed satisfied in the sun


    he had steam rising up from his rusty red coat
    water drops dappled in sun shining so that it illuminated him
    for just a moment

    he seemed to be so comfortable and so right
    i just let him feel it

    kodi wondered what was going on and why the red dog would be in such a trance?


    it was good to see the red dog pick up a few pointers from kodi
    like watching a youngster learn from an old pro

    me and the red dog have only had about a year together since he rescued me
    i could see him focus and learn by watching kodi work birds with mike

    kodi even offered to show the red dog how to properly fetch old growth


    mike promised to do more fishing this year


    the red dog wanted to see what might be swimming at the other end


    we told the red dog that “sometimes all fishing is, is waving a stick by the waters edge.”

    the birds shut off and i had a chance to take the red dog for an exploratory mission along the edge of the river
    up along railroad tracks and through blowdowns and debris

    we tried some jump shooting on the marge of the big river and busted a troop of coots and a pair of mallards

    i was going to blast the coots but just before i fired the red dog took note of something to the side and told me to wait

    the coots were on to us and i didn’t want to miss a chance at 5 coots in a single shot

    “kaden, what are you seeing over there?” i asked.

    he said, “hang on a second, i’ll have to show you”
    he bolted across the canal and i heard a hen mallard quack
    up she popped with her drake

    i shot my 2 shots and killed the hen

    the drake somehow managed to duck under the mud berm at just the right moment and flew away

    then the red dog busted about 30 coot and chased them right out

    i tried to reload and
    i fumbled with my shells

    i wasn’t paying attention to where i was walking and was careless for a moment trying to reload

    broke the breech on the gun and slipped and tripped into the water
    only about 2 ft deep but a true baptism

    stood up and shook off and promptly missed another bird

    the red dog came back and brought me my hen and asked why i looked so wet?

    we walked back to our spot

    i held up the trophy and mike was shaking out his gear and wringing stuff out

    “well, i took a swim,” he said
    “kodi got hooked in the lines just fore of his hind legs and couldn’t bust out of it. he started to get tired so i got him free, but took a little more water on that i was hoping to.”

    “so you took a swim too?”
    mike said, “yup.”

    we had more birds work through and kodi got hung again for a moment


    we all ran to the lines to help


    hunting in longlines can be dangerous

    a young dog is capable of whirlies and contortions that allow them to free themselves from the tangle
    but not experienced enough to avoid tangles along the way

    a mature dog can avoid the tangles and snags in the lines
    but once hung
    doesn’t have the wiggles in the hips to free itself

    i reckon dogs are a lot like people
    the longlines are akin to life

    the red dog was glad that kodi made it back and offered to help with the bird


    the red dog was even more excited when mike got the first sawbill of the new year

    the first official entry in this years Pacific NW sawbill derby


    everyone got some birds


    everyone got a chance to swim on new years day
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    well that is without a doubt the longest introduction in nwfa history, good story and photos. welcome to the forum.
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    well, somebody had to get long winded.
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    Great story and pics. I haven't been duck hunting since I moved out here from the Midwest. I really miss it. Thanks for the taste.
  5. sheepdip

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    hey spitpatch, looks like throwdown.:bluelaugh:
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    Nice post and GREAT photos!
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    Great intro, feel like I know you.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    ... agreat read, pictures too. Thanks for sharing.

    And welcome to the NWFA forum!!

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