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    Hi everyone from Portland Oregon--

    My wife and I are looking for like-minded friends who would want to go to a free or close to free shooting range/place every now and then and have transportation. We don't have a vehicle so we can't on our own right now. Any kind of out-door range or place where it's legal to shoot is great as long as you don't have to pay lots of money, use special ammo, or shoot only one kind of gun. I can't wait to get some trigger time in with the new 9mm! We just like to shoot for fun various paper/can targets and we clean up after ourselves. We will help pay gas money and maybe even share ammo as it will probably be less then the cost of joining many of the local indoor gun clubs! Email us and if we can tag along next time you go to your outdoor shooting spot you will seriously save on gas money! We will pay up to $20 in gas money for a day trip (but hopefully, it wont' be that much!) I am sure we can work out something fair. We will definitely pay more then half the cost of the trip from Portland and back.

    We are law-abiding responsible shooters and just want to be able to target shoot again without paying a fortune in membership fees for indoor ranges that we have a hard time getting to anyway. We moved here to the East side of Portland Oregon (near Gresham) after a house fire destroyed our home in The Dalles Oregon (where you just need to walk outside of town to shoot anytime you want!). We just want to meet some people who go target shooting maybe every other weekend or something and tag along sometimes when we can afford it. So if anyone's interested in saving gas money and taking us along for daytime target shooting please let us know through this site or email us direct. (alinangabe @ yahoo. com) we will send you our phone number via email or you can just send us yours.

    Thank you much,

    --Gabe and Alina B.
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    Now that is a good introduction. Good fortune to you.
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