Harwell Holsters: Clip-N-Go Appendix (M&P Shield)

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    I ordered a couple holsters at about the same time. Several weeks later I got this one, tried it for a few days and then the other holster arrived so I switched to try it. I've been using that one ever since -- never went back to the Clip-N-Go to see how it compares.

    So, this is very close to new, but not quite. I probably could have returned it but intended to A/B it with the other holster -- just never happened.

    I'm into it for $43.95. How does $35 sound to you? And just think, no waiting for one to arrive in the mail!

    Oh, the only option I changed from standard was the color of the leather. Went with black...

    Linky: https://www.harwellholsters.com/products/clip-n-go-holster-appendix-carry




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