Harrington and Richardson WWII Flare Pistol

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    WWII Harrington & Richardson M5 Flare Pistol. Solid wood handle is excellent. Metal finish is very nice. Marked serial number 4086 in three places. Marked Not Interchangeable on side of breech. Other side of breech is marked United States Property BOL. Side of barrel is marked Pat Pend. Top of barrel is marked Pistol Very 10 Gage M5 Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. Worcester Mass U.S.A. Inside barrel is super clean. Trigger spring action is very crisp. Very rare flare gun.

    I posted it on craigslist here: http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/clt/32
    H&R 1.jpg
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    H&R 2.jpg 78495294.html

    H&R 1.jpg

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