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    I need to thin the herd a bit so for sale are my top 5 least favorite guns.

    Its not that there is anything wrong with any of them, they just sit in the safe and are "cheaper" guns... meaning I like Sig more than Beretta.

    PICS: http://www.auradev.com/pics/

    From left to right in the photo

    Beretta 87 Cheetah - its like a baby 92fs in .22LR. 2 mags + case. I think the mags are 10rd. This is a used gun but decent condition. $500.

    Beretta 84 - its like a baby 92fs in .380. 2 mags + case + cheap holster. I think the mags are 10 rd. I bought this new, its in 9/10 condition. Barely broken in, a little holster wear but still black and shiny. $600

    Smith & Wesson SV9E - its their rip off of a glock. Not as good as a glock, but cheaper. 2 mags + case. $350.

    Beretta 92fs in 9mm. 2 mags + case, paddle holster. I think the mags are 15 rd. I bought this new 9/10 condition. Stainless slide w/ two-tone finish. $650.

    I would be interested in trading for the following: (or you could just pay cash)

    Some other exotic rifle?
    AR in .308
    Sako or some other high end rifle in 308
    A classic AK-47 (wood furniture, not the weird synthetic semi-tactical stuff)

    NO AR-15s!!! Love them but I have enough.

    I can add cash to the deal if you have something high end.

    Please dont email me offers for less than the price which is published, I have no problem letting them remain in the safe for another 6 months and trying to sell again.
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    PM Sent.

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