H&K USP vs Sig 220

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by taylor, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. taylor

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    Can I get some pros and cons about the standard .45 acp full size version in both these fine sidearms.
  2. Kimber Custom

    Kimber Custom
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    Hk pros:
    excellent quality
    I never had a failure to feed on my Hk
    DA/SA so you can carry 1911 style or hammer down
    decocking lever so no ND when putting the hammer down on a 1911
    12+1 of .45
    Looks pretty darn cool IMO:thumbup:

    Hk cons:
    Big and bulky
    Cost. There are a lot of quality .45's for half the cost.
    My body is very corrosive and ate the finish off the slide

    All in all they are a great firearm and I wouldn't hesitate to own another one. I think I would go with the compact version the second time around.

    Can't speak to the 220. I have not direct experinece there.
  3. tecate321


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    Expensive, accurate, and expensive. Mags are very pricey especially if you want the two extra rounds. Cost range on magazines 45-75 depending on where you can find them. Handles like a gun should great in the palm and hits where you aim. Decocker is for fags but it’s nice to have for those who need it.

    I have only shot a 220 once but it’s more comparable to the 1911 style handguns. A tad less expensive than that of the HK, but less rounds and more weight. However, it will drop what you’re aiming at just like a HK.
  4. MEP1000

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    Both the HK and Sig are well made weapons. The HK will be a little more spendy both gun and extra magazines. I like the HK45 vs the USP, the HK45 doesn't feel as bulky and has a standard picatiny rail instead of an HK only rail for light mounting. The Sig is nice and slim like a 1911. Neither gun will jam if decent ammo is used, I've never had one occur in thousands of rounds. If you want to carry like a 1911 like I'd lean towards HK, if not going to carry cocked-n-locked then the Sig
  5. onearmedswordsman

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    Or, get a P220 with a DAK (DAO) trigger.
  6. Phillyfan

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    I was torn between these same two guns just a couple weeks ago, until I picked up an HK45 (just felt right, if you know what I mean). Between the two I was leaning toward the Sig because I have read a lot of reviews that weren't really complimentary of the trigger on the USP. Also, the rail makes it more difficult to find toys that will fit on the USP. Nothing bad to say about the Sig. Both are great guns.
  7. mortre

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    I've never shot a USP, but I have held the MK 23, felt like a 2x4.

    I own 2 P220's and a P245(older version of a P220 compact). Nothing but good things to say about the Sig's.

    But to be fair, I don't own (or like) any double stack pistols. They never seemed to fit my hand right. Also keep in mind that the lighter you go on a pistol, the snappier the recoil becomes. And if you do want cocked and locked, you can get a SAO P220, but it doesn't allow you the choice between DA/SA or SAO. It's one or the other.
  8. Beagle

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    i have owned both at the same time. i have 2 usp 45's one tactical and 1 expert, i used to own a west german 220. the 220 worked great no complaints on that but for me the usp was more accurate also the 220 feels snappier to me than the usp. the weight of the ammo i'm sure couldn't hurt.
    you really can't go wrong with either.just remeber you can tune both with lem triggers or target triggers for the H&k's or dao on the sig. i personally like the lem trigger it's a nice smooth/light pull all the time.
    i'm sure this confused you more but just a couple things to think about.
  9. odiesplace97301

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    Both are great, shoot both very often. The 220 is a better fit for my hands, and what I choose to carry. It all comes down to what feels best in your hands and has the what you want in a handgun. the sig comes in SA/DA, DAO and SAO if you like to carry cocked and locked.I believe that hk also has pretty much the same options. I find that the sig's are a bit easier to work on and get parts for than hk but thats just me. Shoot them both and choose what works best for you
  10. Boats

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    I have owned both and now own neither, but if I were going to bring one of them back, it'd be the SIG, probably a P220 Elite this time around. My HK USP45c had the worst DA trigger ever put into a name brand gun and the price of spare magazines bordered on the ridiculous.

  11. QXSOUP

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    Big time Sig fan here... I'd have to vote for the 220 of course.

    IF you get one, you gotta send it to Bruce Gray. His work will amaze you...
  12. anubismp

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    I'm a big Sig fan but HK is also a quality brand. I dont think you can go wrong either way but the HK holds more rounds. I am more accurate with Sigs however.
  13. tac

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    I had a SIG P220 - an original - for almost ten years before it was taken away. It was built like the Brooklyn Bridge, shot like a Gold Cup, and was totally reliable in every respect. Not that I would have expected anything else at the equivalent price of almost $2000.

    The very last handgun I ordered was the H&K USP in .45ACP.

    The very next day the massacre of children in Dunblane took place, and then, all our handguns had gone.

    I DID get my deposit back, but i'd rather have had the chance to shoot the two of them side-by-side.

    Buy either, IMO, but get an original SIG if you can, rather than the 'modern version. I'm usre that it's just fine, but our house, the jury is still out on SIGs not made in the original factory. My duty handgun was the SIG P226, BTW, again, for almost ten years, and I had my own, and one of every other SIG made up until the time of the ban.

  14. nwhpfan

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    Both pistols can be had in a variety of variants so depending on which model in each, the other is better, make sense? For example, I would consider a DA/SA Sig inferior to a USP 45 V9 (cocked and locked version). But I would consider a DAK Sig 220 better than the DA/SA USP. Both are great pistols and I like that the Sig is a slimer, but then again it's 8 rounds vs. 12-if that's important to you. Both pistols are expensive up front NIB but USP mags are about 20$ more. Personally I think the HK is best cocked and locked or with the LEM trigger. I only like the Sig in DAK. Personally I prefer C/L, so my vote is for a USP.
  15. irehog66

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    I'm not a PRO by any means - more experienced than most people I know though. I have a friend that was a FED operator in South America for a few years. He was allowed to carry anything he wanted in his loadout bag. He carried a Sig P228, Sig P220, HK MP5, Knights Armament custom 7.62mm. Why? reliability and operation.

    I have lots of experience with the P220 and the full size HK USP45. I STILL OWN THE P220.

    There is no doubt that the HK USP45, USP45 Tactical, or the Mark 23 are world-class pistols. Do buy into the hogwash that there are other cheaper pistols that perform as well as the SIG or the HK - not true. If that were true, why is it that real operators in LE and special units carry HK, SIG, or a few brands of 1911s?

    I am an average size guy with average size hands. I found that the Sig P220 has better grip to target acquisition than the HK USP. The ergonomics are better, and its fit and finish are heir-loom quality.

    I have purchased and sold my share of firearms. I will never sell my P228 or my P220 . . .never.

    Buy the Sig as your tool, then when you want to buy a really piece to just have . . . buy the USP . . it is a great pistol.
  16. asiparks

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    Had a 45 USP...long gone now, but it was an accurate reliable, brick of a firearm. I have a 220 SAO (single action) which has a thumb safety for cocked and locked like a 1911. Like the USP it's acurate and reliable, carries less rounds but feels waaaay better in my hand. Again, i have the soft, delicate hands of a 9 year old flower arranger so YMM very well V.
    I don't actually ever carry the thing as I prefer a 1911, but I happily could and would if need be.

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