Gun Rights Haters: Victims or Aggressors?

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    Gun Rights Haters: Victims or Aggressors?

    Now these perpetual “victims” want to learn about “Powerfully Peaceful Action in the Face of Armed and Aggressive Opposition”. Why do they say they need to do this? Because, according to them, “Almost every group in the gun sense movement has – at some time in the last several years – been confronted by armed and/or aggressive counter demonstrators at one of our public actions.” Though as you can see at the link above no examples of any aggressive behavior towards them are given. Of course, we often counter-demonstrate their events armed but that's not aggression as the zero body count and zero hospitalization rate among attendees show. If being around guns frightens them there is a name for that, hoplophobia. Perhaps a psychiatrist would be more helpful to them than a workshop.

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    Aggressors, clearly they poke the lion in the cage. If firearm owners acted like the anti's acted there would be nobody to protest against the firearm supporters.

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