WTB OR Gun rack or stand for my home

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    Hi guys,
    I tried to make a gun rack for my tiny room, I had to stop. I'm very ill, I have cancer and can't continue my project. I was hoping someone would have one that just sits or hangs around. Maybe I could stipple a gun or two and someone could build me one. I can't handle my firearms falling over when they're leaning against the wall.I'd like the rack/stand to hold 10 rifles and 5 pistols.
    There aren't ever kids around. I can't be around any germs. I know it's disappointing. I do lock my room when I have guests over though. So security isn't an issue. Maybe even a cabinet? I don't know let me know if you have something you're willing to get rig of. I'm disabled so I don't have a lot of cash but I do a lot of stippling, I have a little .45 ammo I would be willing to trade.

    Thank you every one!

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