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    Wow, I'm very pleased to find this site. I'm not sure how much I can offer but after lurking in for a few months I Know this site will teach me a lot!

    I moved here recently and was on the web searching for places to shoot outdoors that was excepted by all that might hear or see me. I joined TCGC but I can only shoot at paper so often and I'm not pit certified.Yes, I did buy the Oregon Gun Law book but that didn't have much to say about known spots that were okay.

    This site was very helpful with it's tab on Outdoor Shooting. I have shot at what I believe to be called the dump. Just past marker 35 on 224. It seems to be less than 500 feet from the road. Could anyone please confirm if it is legal there? During my first year here there has been a gate installed but no signs about not shooting and from the amount of garbage it still going on.

    Speaking of garbage, holy cow. I know as a new guest here I don't want to say anything to wear out my welcome but it's a National Forest and it looks like a dump.

    Anyway unless I hear otherwise I would like to go back as it sure easy access. But I'll be packing out whatever I bring in,including my brass.

    Thank you to all that make this great gun site!!
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    Welcome aboard and THANK you for committing to packing out as much trash as you can!! We need a LOT more people to be doing this so the "good" shooting areas stay open. :thumbup:

    AND, it'll leave a good impression hopefully with others and get them to help out. :cool:

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