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I have a practically new (lasermax sent me a new one--the first one was pretty much DOA) Uni-Max laser w/ the Green laser, same as HERE
This will fit on just about any rail & is actually a rail itself, so you could mount something to this as well. This thing weighs almost nothing & is small enuf to put on a pistol but can take rifle/shotgun recoil.
This has a nearly new battery & I can see this dot in daylight several houses down the block. I just sold the upper it was on & don't intend to put this on my other rifle. These go for $350 new. $220 or trade for match grade 308, 62-75 grain 5.56, or an adjustable scope in the 3-9 to 6-14 power range.
View attachment 197710

I also have a pressure switch LIKE THIS ($49 new) for an extra $30

View attachment 196888
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