GP11/7.5 Swiss and Extras

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    Hey guys,
    I have a batch of ammo I need to get rid of. I had offered it to a local member, but he seems to be having financial issues. Therefore I figured I would offer it up on the boards.
    What I have:

    9 boxes of Prvi Partizan 7.5x55 174gr FMJ = 180 rounds
    8 boxes of GP11 = 80 rounds
    16 rounds of Wolf Gold soft Points= 16 rounds
    1 box of reloads... clearly labeled on cartridge inserts = 20 rounds for component use
    4 rounds of slightly higher charge reloads = 4 rounds for component use
    *reloads done on Prvi brass.
    3 stripper clips
    I have most of a box of Sierra Match Kings 155gr in.308 for reloading
    Lee die set (full length die, bullet seating)
    Case length gauge, and shellholders.

    So that is 276 rounds, not including the reloads
    some goodies to get you started on reloads, as well as some brass.
    Most of the ammo is boxer primed. What isn't can be converted.

    Would like to sell for $175 but the shipping would be on you. Always open to local pickup. Willing to trade for 5.56/.223, or 7.62NATO(preferably boxer primed).

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