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Good reasons not to buy a Stag Arms AR-15?

So, I'm on the fence in regards to buying one, but I'm also fairly new to the AR-15 platform. The model I'm looking at has the features I want, isn't hard on the eyes (I know, function over form, but I plan to own this rifle until either it or I die, so a bit of form is warranted), and fits my budget of ~$1200 before extras.

Owners/operators, what are your thoughts regarding value, reliability, and overall quality? Are there brand specific things to watch for, should I be looking at other manufacturers at the same pricepoint, do these parts come from a tin shack in the ghetto of a third world country, etc? Any input is appreciated.
Stag is a reputable brand name.
Honestly, there are few and far companies that churn out truly bad ARs and even then its bits and pieces.
Now nearly all will "work"
The fit and finish may differ but the BCG and barrel are the only real distinguishing factors.

Go for it brother!

John Gault

I'm happy with my 2TL which I believe was $1,1oo.00 from Keiths a few years back. Having said that.... If you factor in all the "extras" that I've put on it since then I'd have saved money by purchasing a nice brand name receiver and building up from there. Wanting a lefty ejection was also a factor for the Stag Arms purchase for me.
Have Fun!
In general, I have heard good things about them, in terms of quality.
As for me, I would make sure it has a 1/7 twist barrel, to stabilize heavier bullets.

If you just plan on shooting 55 gr., the 1/9 twist should be fine.
$1200 base price is your budget?

There are "better" options than Stag for that price...

There are definitely different grades for these guns... "top shelf," "mid-range" "crap".... some ARE "better" than others. You'll also see people refer to this as "tiers," but only complete homos use that term.

Better to think of it like tools.....
"Professional grade" like Hitachi, Metabo, Bosch, Hilti, etc.
"High-end homeowner grade" like Rigid, Porter Cable, some of Skill's higher end stuff, could probably throw Makita in there
"Once-or-twice-a-year-use-only grade" like Ryobi, Workforce, anything from Harbor Freight, etc. And don't expect good results, even once or twice a year. These will PROBABLY work fine, for their intended market... buy do you really want bottom of the barrel stuff?

Ben's summarized representative ranking:

Pro-grade baseline - Colt, LMT, BCM, some Stag models with specified upgrades
Quality homeowner grade - Stag, CMMG, S&W
Don't waste your money grade - DPMS, Bushmaster, Oly, etc.

If you're not a "pro," you probably don't need "pro-grade" stuff. But there isn't a baseline rifle in there that can't be had for $1,200.... so you have a lot of options. Explore them all thoroughly before you buy.
Build your own for fun and get exactly what you want? my zombie build will come in around $1500 before optics, but it will be exactly what I want.

High reliability, orgasmic trigger (yet completely suitable for combat), and high accuracy without going to a 18-20" barrel (16" m4 barrel with carbine gas system)

If you plan to keep it till you die, don't cheap out on it. Get exactly what you want.

I couldn't care less about resale value for my build as I never plan to sell it!

Plant it in the dirt with me when I die, or if my daughter ever gets into it, she can have it if I ever have to give it up for reasons out of my control (like death or being mentally/physically disabled and unable to wield it)
I have nothing but good things to say about stag.. none of the products they offer are of the "cheap consumer grade", all the bores are hard-chromed, same with the inside of the BCGs. I've probably got 20K rounds through mine, and while it's broken in a little bit, it's still shooting strong and accurately. These guns come tight from the factory, so you do need to lube 'em when you first take them out to the range otherwise you might get the wrong impression.

As far as the "tiers" and "grades" go, I would definitely put stag on the top rung, I don't think I could say the same for colt... most of their stuff gets the extra $$ because of the pony on the side, not from the quality of workmanship I've seen. If you're not sure about the stag, S&W's "tactical" line would probably be my next choice, if you just want an "everyman" AR, S&W's "sportical" line isn't bad either, but lacks the features (forward assist, dust cover) that some might expect.
Thanks for all the input, guys. I'll have the chance to do some shooting with my buddy's Stag 3T this upcoming weekend, but getting opinions from a larger audience has been very helpful. I'll post an image of whatever I do buy in the appropriate thread when I do make a purchase, so you guys can congratulate or ridicule me as the case may be :D


I've got Colt and Stag both, for me the Stag gets the edge just because it's left handed, otherwise I wouldn't pick one over the other.

Kruel J

Like others have said, Stag is a good weapon but for the $$ you can have something just as good for less.

+1 for the 6920.


I think stag is a great brand and I just ordered a 24" bull barrel from them, they only reason I didn't buy a carbine (bought a delton) was the left handed rifle isn't all that left handed. I was expecting a full lefty set up. But the rifle is good quality.
Really any rifle you buy your going to want to swap out parts for different better quality. My delton i bought for $750 and probably put another $300 into it.
Thats why i decided to build my 2nd rifle it cost me about $1300-1400 for everything (scope, and bipod, all) which is close to what i would pay for just the rifle, so i saved a little money and i made it to what i wanted in it


I like stags a lot. I have owned colts bushmasters dpms bcms dds and others for the money I like them . They stand behind their products sometimes even when it was user error. but shop around cause i have seen dealer new stags for a lot less than $1200 unless you are buying a decked out one. usually they are around $900 or less


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