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    I have a Springfield Loaded Stainless in .45 for sale. Model # PX9151LP. You can look it up here to see what it looks like, etc. I got the gun for a little more than $850, and it came with 2 magazines and all the Springfield gear in the box. Also included are 4 more magazines (6 mags total), which cost about $150 (Chip McCormick, Wilson ETM, Checkmate, CerTac), for a total value of about $1000.

    Round count on the gun is 422, exactly, so it's almost properly broken in. Yes, I counted. :) It has not had a single malfunction of any kind, shoots quite well. There is a very faint idiot mark (I'm the idiot) below the slide release.

    I'll sell you the whole package, and throw in some range and carry ammo (123 rounds of American Eagle + some Hornady TAP, Gold Dots, and Winchester PDX, all partial boxes) for $800 $700 FINAL PRICE

    PM if interested. Please have Oregon ID and be willing to show it to me. I have papers for the gun and same ID, if you want to see them. I can meet in PDX.

    No trades, sorry.
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