Glock 26 Gen 3 $550 PDX SOLD

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Dinged, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Hey guys, unfortunately some expected expenses have come up and I have to part with one of my guns. Up for sale is a Gen 3 Glock 26. I bought this used at a local gun store last June, so I'm not sure how many previous owners it has had or how many rounds have been fired. I personally have put about a 100 rounds down the barrel (I have a sticky note with the round count at home, so I will look later). It was a carry gun for me for 6 months, so it shows a little bit of wear. Comes with Tru Glo TFO sights, I'm guessing they're a few years old because they're a little dimmer than my TFOs on my other guns which are brand new, however they still work great. The gun will also come with two (2) Pearce grip extensions, makes handling the gun a little bit easier, and I believe these are the +1 (maybe +2, I would have to double check) extensions, meaning you can stuff an extra round (or two) into the magazine. However the rest of the gun is stock as how it came from the factory. I have the stock base plates if you want them, making the magazines flush. I have all the original paperwork, test fired shell, case, lock, etc. Apologize for the wall of text but I like to be upfront about everything.


    -Glock 26 Gen 3
    -Unknown round count (about 100 personally by me)
    -Unknown number of owners
    -Comes with two (2) magazines
    -Comes with Tru Glo TFO night sights
    -Comes with two (2) Pearce Grip Extensions
    -Comes with original paperwork, test shell, case, lock, etc
    -Asking $550 semi-firm
    -Located in Portland

    I WILL be making a bill of sale (for myself only) and WILL be looking at your CHL/ODL. If you do not agree with these conditions then a sale will NOT be made. I understand some people don't want to have a BoS made, etc but I am doing it for my records only. Initial method of contact will be PMs, then I will exchange phone numbers or emails if you prefer. I apologize if my terms seem harsh or unfair, but I've been burned on other forums when selling items. If you have any questions or want additional pictures, just let me know!


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