*** WITHDRAWING 2017-07-25 ***
Molalla, OR
ITEM: Glock 21C (.45 ACP) and accessories
PRICE: $400 (no trades)

Originally took down so my brother in law could buy it but he can't so back up for sale.

This is a hard one for me to sell off. It is one of my favorites but I am clearing things out and so it goes too.

This is the model with the build in compensator. It fires great and the compensator helps you stay on target upon firing.

Round count is unknown but it probably has at least 1500 rounds through it. This was previously owned by my brother in law and not sure who owned it before him. Accuracy is fantastic and follow up shots are quick due to the internal factory compensation.

I did replace the firing pin spring and plunger spring with the Ghost Spring kit. I didn't replace the trigger spring from the kit (glock | glock accessories | glock parts | glock trigger | glk | Ruger Triggers | glock custom COMPLETE SPRING KIT glock | glock accessories | glock parts | glock trigger | glk | Ruger Triggers | glock custom). Original parts will be included so you can revert if you wish.

Included is the pistol, Hogue grip, 2 13-round magazines, mag load assist, original box, original springs, Sticky Holster, Remora Holster (not pictured), Blackhawk leather IWB (I love that holster), Blackhawk OWB. Also included is the original back plate.

All transfer fees are the responsibility of the buyer. I have an FFL in Oregon City who charges $20 total for a transfer but that is up to you.

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