Glock 20SF

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    Glock 20sf
    3 15rd Mags, one of them has the Arredondo 5rd Mag Extension (original spring, bottom plate and tool to pull the mag extension off is included)
    Glock Night Sites
    Ghost Rocket 3.5lb Connector
    Extended Slide Lock
    Extended Slide Release
    G29 Trigger (Grooved instead of the smooth one that it originally came with
    Pierce Grip Plug
    43rds if Doubletap 135gr Nosler Rounds (1600FPS/767ftlbs of energy)
    50rds of CCI Blazer (aluminum jacket, so I never shot them)
    Glockmeister Stainless Guide Rod with a 20lb Spring (original guide rod/spring are currently installed)
    Original smooth trigger
    Original Connector is also included
    Original Slide Lock
    Original Slide Release
    Original Box

    It's in 9/10 condition. It's been meticulously oiled and cared for. The slide is perfect, the Glock Rail on the frame has a tiny knotch in it from my X400 being mounted on it. Other than that, it's perfect. You'll love this gun!

    $700 OBO.
    I am also willing to convert it completely back to stock form and change the price to $530
    I will need to have a look at your drivers license and/or CPL

    Please PM me if you're interested.
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