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I have had 2 of them,got the 20SF a while back to carry up hunting the SF frame fits my hand better but its still a little blocky.
Ammo is hard to find unless you roll yer own,some can reach .41 mag power levels and
15rds plus 1 is nice.
Absolutely my favorite gun, I did trade my gen 3 for a gen 2 though. I don't like the finger groove grip, a SF is probably the way to go if you going to buy new. 10mm isn't that hard to get where I'm at but it is a nice cartridge to load yourself. Some loads can reach lower end .41mag loads but it's not really in the same class, the .41 just has a lot more case capacity. I do carry mine when hiking and fishing and thinks it's adequate for the smaller black bear I might run into. It's not that bad for concealed carry either, with a quality holster.
I consider my G20sf and my G29 as two of my most enjoyable shooters...yes they have a wider profile, compared to most other mfrs... But ... what a couple of fun/accurate guns to shoot. I did put a noncaptured steel rod/recoil spring (xpower) from, because the "squeeky" stock one was hard to listen to.
I only shoot failures to feed to date, on the stock barrels! Then again, I consider my reloads to be better than mfr's loads.
Not my daily carriers. I picked up a used S&W 1076 that I'd opt to carry before the G20, but I do ocassionally hike with the G29.
Buy it... if it fits your needs :cool:
Had a standard Glock 20 and regretting selling it (fell on hard times and it was one of many guns I sold). Recently bought a 20 SF. I love it! Easy shooting for a 10mm, super accurate, super reliable.
i have heard the 10mm have alot of recoil but that doesnt matter to me as far as ammo goes i will reload but i did order 100 rounds of fmj's from double tap yesterday i will prob pick my gun up on the 2nd (payday)
I have the Glock 20 SF. It is my favorite gun. I have small hands but with a little tweak in my grip I was able to make it comfortable. Ted Nuggent only carries 10mm and has killed a Cape Buffalo, Bears, and a long list of other large animals with the Glock 20.
One of the nice things about the 20 is that you can easily change barrels. Lone Wolf makes longer (6") barrels and barrels in different calibers for the 20, including 9x25, 40S&W and 357 sig. So you have some options and the possibility of using less expensive ammo.

Got the 20SF today and shot 50+ rounds (Double Tap and reloads) at the range. Recoil is less than the 29 and it shot like a Glock - i.e., no malfunctions, brand new, right out of the box.

Nice pistol!
I too have recently purchased a Glock 20 and I love it!!! I will be carrying it in the woods with me while I Bow hunt. If you plan on reloading for it you should look into replacing the stock barrel with an after-market one, KKM Precision, Lone Wolf, Storm Lake. The reason I mention this is, the chamber in the stock barrel does not fully support the cartridge, resulting in the belly (bulge)on one side of the case. For people who shoot only factory ammo this is not much of an issue since factories that produce ammo stay under SAMMI specs for pressure, and many handloads get very close to max SAMMI pressures. It's just better to be safe than sorry.

Do a search on YouTube for Hickok45, He has some really cool videos featuring a Glock 20!
Working on building a G20 Long slide, got to love having a Lone Wolf hook up!!! Will be 10mm and 40sw 6" barrels, just need to finish getting/assembling small parts. Also got a timberwolf frame coming to tinker with some!
Great choice.
The Glock 20 is IMHO the best back up or woods carry gun made. It was my first
10 mm. Pryor to that I caried a 41mag. Never ran into anything in Washington that I couldn't put down with it. Using Double Taps or my homeloads the 10mm is everything that a 41mag is and then some. Some ammo that is. I have a couple of mags with +2's on them, that makes 18 counting the one in the tube. Anyway you look at it thats my 41 with two reloads. Doesnt care about the weather {I've fired it in sub zero temps}. And in 120 plus desert heat. It will function with most any ammo currently available. Never have I had a problem with rust on my G-20. Weighs less than my revolver. Not to mention CC is much easier with my Glock.
You can get the G29 as a BUG uses the G20 mags also, real handy.
Again my opininion but the 10mm makes an awesome pistol/carbine round. My 10mm carbine is point of aim from 40yds to 200ds. It truly shoots pretty darn flat and better than I do.
alas....I digress......
Talking 10mm is easy to ramble. Again A fine choice. I'm sure it will serve you well.
ps. rumor has it that on Ted Nugents Glock 20 is marked "Tedmm"

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