Glock 17 Gen4.

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    Due to a financial hardship I am reluctantly forced to sell muh baby.

    I bought this gun used from Cabela's around Xmas time last year I've personally put around 500 rds with no failures of any kind. I don't know the prior round count but it still had the shipping grease in the gun when it was purchased, it only came with one Glock 17rd mag, and one large backstrap no paperwork or tupperware. I purchased one KCI 17rd mag which has been pleasantly reliable for a knock off product.




    So to recap:

    One bone stock G17 Gen4, around 500rds through the gun.

    One large back strap.

    One Glock 17rd factory magazine.

    One KCI 17rd magazine.


    An Old Faithful IWB leather/black kydex. I had to cut and drill kydex shell so it ain't pretty but it holds. And replacement shells are dirt cheap, excellent company.

    One Blackhawk! nylon/ velcro Mag holder.

    Five A-Zoom snap caps

    25rds of Fiocchi 147Gr XTP HP

    50rds of Hornady 115gr Critical Defense HP.

    80rds of TulAmmo steel cased 115gr fmj

    And Five miscellaneous FMJ.... federal and one winchester I believe.

    I'm asking $500 for everything, FTF in the Everett,wa area can go as far north as Arlington or south to Seattle.
    Will need to see WA ID and CPL as well as a bill of sell for my personal records.

    I will gladly email all photos if I can't figure how to add photos here, this is my first classified add please forgive any errors or mistakes.
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