WTS/WTT WA Gen 4 g23

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    Up for sale or trade is a generation 4 glock 23 (.40 caliber) . This glock has about 400 rounds through it and runs smoothly. It will come with the factory glock case with accessories (brush , speed loader , adj backst$500 . But I would prefer to trade for one of the folllowing:

    -Glock 19 (gen 3 is fine as long as its in nice condition)
    -Glock 26 (gen 3 is fine as long as its in nice condition)
    -Zastava Npap ak pistol in 7.62x39
    -Any other 7.62x39 pistol (like a krinkov knockoff)
    -A ar-15 (doesent really matter what kind aslong as it has fa and a dust cover )
    -An ak in 7.62x39 (dimples preffered but hey at this price who can argue what it is )
    -A ruger lcp + cash (no recall models please)
    -Maybe a .338 win mag rifle
    -Jc higgins model 50 or 51 in .270 win + a little cash depending on condition
    -Maybe a .44 mag or .357
    -A 45.70 lever gun , or maybe even 44. , 357, 35 rem ?

    Feel free to float me any other offers of cool stuff , worst I can say is no . And Prefer to do business with a Wa State CCW holder , for more pics or info please pm me thanks !

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