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testing the waters here, seein what kinda trade i could do.....

up for sale/trade is a gen 3 glock 23 in all black, very clean gun, no real wear on it.

it comes with
the stock barrel
a lonewolf matchgrade 40sw barrel ( for shooting reloads/lead)
a lonewolf matchgrade 9mm conversion barrel (for shooting lead 9mm)
3 glock 23 13 round magazines and a 15 round magazine that sticks out half inch out the bottom, all are drop free
a glock 19 magazine (15 round) drop free, and a korean mag that holds 17 rounds
a plastic box with foam for storage
a glock speedloader
and 700 40sw lead 180 grain reloads
it has a glock 3.5lb trigger connector and has been polished ( its amazing)

gun shoots amazing. i bought it used and have put thousands of rounds thru it, i rarely used the stock barrel cuz i reload and shoot lead.( glocks shoot forever without a problem)

asking 800 dollars for the package deal, trades ill consider are other pistols in 9mm. 40sw. and 45acp, or ar15's



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