Gabby and Da Spacman: Kelly Rips Palin

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    Mark Kelly kinda blaming Sarah Palin for Gabby being shot…
    Posted on October 1, 2014 by Eric at the Gunmart Blog | 2 Comments
    ‘I don’t want to say that she is to blame, but… “Irresponsible”, and “insensitive”.’
    Stay classy, Mark…
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    COLMES: Just today in California, Gov. Brown signed a law that says if you are a relative of somebody that has a gun and you think is dangerous, you can now take that to a judge, who then may decide to take that gun away, and some people are quite upset about that.
    KELLY: Yeah, I think that some people are. But what we often see within families, and especially families that have folks that are mentally ill, when there are guns involved, that it’s a pretty common sense thing to do, to try to at least temporarily, before you can get a person adjudicated, as mentally ill to just try to get, you know to try to protect the family and others from gun violence. I know the bill was just signed into law today but it does seem like it was a pretty reasonable thing to do.
    COLMES: An atmosphere was created do you think where what happened to your wife was possible? I mean people have talked about things like Sarah Palin putting out a map with targets on it. Do you put any blame in that direction?
    KELLY: No, you know, this has come up a number of times with the targets of Gabby’s district and others. There’s no evidence between a direct correlation between that and what happened. Having said that, Gabby gave an interview a couple of days after the election, where she did say, you know, it is an irresponsible thing to do.
    COLMES: To do what Sarah Palin did?
    KELLY: Well, yeah, you know it’s insensitive. I don’t think it’s related to what happened that day. We clearly know from the evidence it was not. But at the same time, I don’t think it’s the best choice.

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