FS: Snug Top Canopy w/ Yakima Rack

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    $850 - Seattle, WA

    Selling the canopy and rack system off our 1993 Toyota Extra Cab Deluxe Long Bed.

    We need the pickup for a farm truck and the canopy isn't being used. In good used condition and sitting on the truck right now. It is an approx 2004 canopy, metallic gray color. Sliding windows on sides and behind cab so you can reach back to the bed if you need to (or your dog can poke his/her head into the truck if you want them to).

    The rack alone cost over $1100 with tax.

    $450 for runners install on canopy
    $70 for crossbars
    $250 for base rack
    $120 for rack extension
    $160 for feet
    We have keys for the locks on the feet.

    Truck bed dimensions measured from the outer edges, the truck bed is 76 inches long and 60 inches wide.

    You can transfer to your truck easily. Brackets included to secure to truck (you need to affix canopy to your truck for liability reasons).

    This canopy and rack serves us well, but now we have an urban farm and we need the pickup to be a farm pickup...

    Does not leak. The canopy has been great for moving furniture in the rain, etc.

    The photos below show the truck with the canopy and rack. ONLY the canopy and rack are for sale. We are keeping the truck.

    Cash only. PM me with any questions.





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