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For Trade

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by HandLoad, May 2, 2013.

  1. HandLoad

    HandLoad Gig Harbor Member

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    Incoming: (To Me)

    I would REALLY Like .300 BLK Cases.!!!! I might Deprime and polish trades for Blackout Hulls!

    If you have Berry's Manufacturing/Ranier Ballistics Bullets in any of: .45 ACP, .44Magnum, or .38/.357 Magnum (Especially DEWC!), I am happy to accept! Gas Checks in .30, .35, .38, & .44! Nothing else? I'll take Clean Lead!

    Looking for a Dieset for .38 S&W

    Looking for DILLON SDB .44 Mag/.44 Spl Dieset/conversion kit (and Toolhead?)

    Outgoing: (To You)

    .45 ACP Hulls, Range Pick-Up (mixed Headstamps) Cleaned, but not De-Primed, THOUSANDS!!!

    100 .220 Swift Hulls, NIB, N.O.S. Winchester Brand (Dieset Available)

    100 .45 AUTO-RIM Hulls, NIB, N.O.S. Remington Brand

    80 7.62 X 39 brass, once Fired, great shape - NOTE: Euro-Style Primer Pockets - Still Available!
    LEE DBL CAV .312 dia 155 gr Gas Check Bullet Mold, New in box - Never used >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>sweeper80?

    50 270 Win Hulls, Once Fired, Good to Great shape

    20 .300 Win Mag Once Fired, Great shape
    20 .30-06 Lake City Matching Headstamp MATCH, Once Fired, Near-Perfect Condition!
    20 .257 Robts AI 40-Degree Shoulder Matching "IMP"Headstamps Remington-Peters Maybe Twice-Fired, Great Condition!
    35 .257 Rob'ts ACK Imp, Fair shape

    17 7MM Rem Mag good shape
    100 .243 Win Hulls, Matching Headstamps, Once Fired

    274 .257 Dia, 120 gr, FMJ, PSP, Remington Brand
    175 .257 Dia, 100 gr, FB, PSP, Brand UNK
    100 .257 Dia, Hornady HP 120 gr
    100 .257 Dia, Hornady Spire Point 120 gr
    90?.257 Dia, Hornady HP 75 gr
    45 .257 Dia, Hornady Spire Pt, 87 gr

    100 6mm/.243 Nosler Ballistic tip, 70 gr Spitzer Box is Open, but all there in perfect shape
    400? .30 Carbine, 110 gr, Soft Point Remington Brand>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Going to wasniper's House>>>>>>>>>>>

    RCBS .243 WIN FL Dieset
    RCBS .30-06 SPRNG FL Dieset

    RCBS 3-Dieset .38/.357 mag, N.I.B.
    RCBS 3-Dieset .45 ACP, Used, Great Shape

    LYMAN 505 Scale
    Herter's Single Stage Press

    You send me Your AGREED (Communicate Before You Mail anything!) Stuff, and I will mail Yours right away.
    You will have to send me a PM through this site, as My E-mail is Presently Totally Gakked.

    Thanks for Looking!

    I Read the rules, AFTER POSTING! MODS/Administrators: Sorry! Can You change Pre-Fix so that I don't run afoul the rules about posting values? Make it just WTT? Thanks!
  2. Nwcid

    Nwcid Yakima and N of Spokane Well-Known Member

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    For reference HL is a stand up guy. Know him personally.

    Good to see you here :thumbup:
  3. HandLoad

    HandLoad Gig Harbor Member

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    Thanks a Lot, John! Means a LOT, and You sure were Quick!

    Big Ugly Guy
  4. springfield0612

    springfield0612 Poulsbo Member

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    PM inbound
  5. HandLoad

    HandLoad Gig Harbor Member

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    FINALLY! Bumpty-Bump!