FLIR IR monocular (MS324), Surefire Z2 Combat light and AK-47 for sale or trade.

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    1.) Ever wish you were a Navy SEAL? Well now you can get one step closer to that dream. I have a a very high-quality FLIR unit for sale. FLIR MS324 IR Monocular. They retail for $3000 new. White hot, Black hot and Red hot. This model has the zoom option too. Super epic to use at night (that's what it's intended for). If you have a mustache, comb-over, own a white van, live in outlaw Harbor, or any combination thereof, I MAY not sell to you. Seriously, cool unit. Open to offers and trades!

    FLIR First Mate MS324 Thermal Imager Monocular - Thermal Imaging for Marine Applications - 432-0009-02-00S -

    2.)Surefire Z2 CombatLIght: This is the NATURAL light one. Not LED. I prefer natural lighting to LED. You can buy the LED bulb for dirt cheap and replace it. Have a mount to fit a Picatinny rail, too:

    $75 OBO (Trades welcome)

    Surefire Z2 LED Combat Light High Output LED Handh - Surefire : House of Scuba

    3.)Would consider selling one of my AK's. One of the greatest stamped AK's on the market. Hungarian DCI.

    What I have:
    Rifle (Has trigger job, too) Super light trigger.
    4 mags (2-30 round metal mags, 1 polymer, and 1-40 round metal mag)
    About 800 or so rounds (mostly steel).

    All of it for $1200.

    Just the gun, 1 mag (full of ammo) $850.

    I WOULD think about new furniture (Stock and pistol grip). Stock is short even to my standards and the pistol grip is sub-par. Doesn't fit right (Hogue will run you $20).

    Open to trades and offers.

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