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    Condensing my crap. I have a bunch of lures, plugs, jigs and spinners inherited from my dad. The majority of these were purchased 1971 or before (pretty sure, he didn't fish for anything but trout after about 1972... before that he spent a lot of time on lake Berryessa ). Some of the jigs are probably newer. Not shown are a couple of zip lock bags of hooks ranging in size from #10 to 4/0... singles mostly, a couple of trebles. Some with leader and some without. All plugs and lures , etc were bagged by type after the pics were taken and put in a box. Take one, take all.
    I'll even throw in a couple of old tackle boxes to go with them.
    Some questions I might be able to answer, but I'm not really an old lure guy.

    I really need an ar15 bcg, moe furniture set (black, used is fine) crosman m4-177, m7 bayonet...What cha got? worst I will say is "no thanks".

    20160206_211707.jpg 20160206_211702.jpg 20160206_211657.jpg 20160206_211652.jpg 20160206_211647.jpg 20160206_211641.jpg 20160206_211634.jpg 20160206_211629.jpg 20160206_204230.jpg 20160206_204224.jpg 20160206_204216.jpg 20160206_204208.jpg 20160206_204157.jpg 20160206_204151.jpg 20160206_204122.jpg 20160206_204112.jpg 20160206_204051.jpg
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