FEG PA-63 in 9x18 Makarov

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    This is a Hungarian FEG PA-63. Fires 9x18 Makarov rounds. Holds 6+1. As you can see, it's in surplus condition. All serial numbers matching.
    Unknown round count, but the rifling still looks good.
    Put 50 FMJ rounds through it myself. Worked flawlessly.
    Comes with 2 extra magazines and original black grips.
    Would make a great carry piece or car gun.

    I really do like this pistol and wouldn't mind keeping it at all. I just want to see what kind of trade offers I can get. Interested mainly in a 9mm semiauto, home defense shotgun, or a revolver in .38 or .357 (plus or minus cash, depending on the offer). All offers will be considered.



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