federal 550 rounds of.22 2 boxes of bonded winchester .40 box of golden saber.40+more

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    i have a few items for sale...all ammo was stored on th eorignal box and in ammo cans,,with the diascent gels packs

    I have 2 boxes Winchester bonded .40 ammo 155 grain (hp)...awesome police ammo..$30 each box...each box has 50 rounds in it total 100 rounds

    1 box Remington golden saber .40 caliber ammo this is 180 grain awesome personal defence ammo.$20...box has 25 per box

    1 box of cci stinger ammo...great .22 ammo like a small shotgun blast....50 round box..$9

    1 box 550 round bulf pack of federal (hp) copper coated 36 grain ...$40..try to find any .22 these days

    1 box of horandy zombie max 7.62x39...awesome defence ammo...and you can tag some zombies..$25 for the box of 20

    1 eastern Europe 30 rounder ak-47 mag...great condition...$25
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