WTS OR FDE painted light w cree bulb 15 Cash

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    So a few years ago on the forum I got this light in trade, All I know is it uses a cree bulb which was the reason I bought it, I heard they are weapon lights....for example I can google the cree light & find a pic of my light mounted on some guys AR15. I painted it krylon coyote a few years ago so its had some time to cure lol, its super strong lol

    Asking 15 cash in gresham 17108 se powell Bi Mart
    Trade for 2 AR magazines. P mags or GI, new or used

    Dont know much about it. Put a new set of batteries in (3tripleA) & clicked it 20 or so times to make sure it works still, been in my spare gear bag for 2 years or so. Should take any 1" mount
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