WTT WA FA91 (HK91/G3 clone)

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    Shot very little if at all.(none by me,was purchased at an estate sale from the widow of the gentleman that bought it new and she didn't remember him shooting it)
    7.62x51,.308 nato
    Excellent condition and I would almost go so far as to say perfect.Super solid.
    HK internals (and I did break it down to confirm this.) on an American aluminum receiver
    Comes in a black soft case with some real (not knock off)HK magazines that are made out of unobtainium
    1-5rd HK
    2-20rd HK
    2-30rd hk
    Red dot in pictures not included
    Good guy cards are a must
    Looking for trades and not looking to sell at this time........let me know what you have instead of asking what I am looking for please.My trade interests are broad
    GLOCKS are of particular interest 3450360_02_fa91_640.jpg 3450360_01_fa91_640.jpg
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