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    A I have a lightly used EZ Bathe complete system for sale. Has been cleaned and sanitized. Used it for my disabled wife when we were getting our bathroom remodeled. Perfect for a temporary bath/showering system or for the elderly and disabled. Comes complete with the inflatable tub, drain hose, extended hand held showering head with handle that can connect to practically any sink faucet. Shop vac to blow the inflatable tub/ or drain any excess water. Asking $200 obo. Here are some specs from the website.
    About this item:

    The inflatable bath tub is a new and improved product that allows the patients to enjoy a safe, convenient bath in bed without feeling uneasy during its use. A person simply rolls onto the 22-gauge vinyl antimicrobial tub, which is then inflated around them using the included wetdry vacuum. The bathtub with its new streamlined design is longer & deeper and its double tube design helps prevent splashes and spills. Inside dimensions of portable tub are 71 long x 31 wide x 13½ deep (accommodates individuals up to 6 foot 2 inches). Fits all beds. The hand-held shower connects to a tap up to 25 feet away. The drain hose (leading to bathtub, sink, or toilet) can be turned off for a long soak or left on for constant draining, allowing a consistent shower. The drain hose and vacuum, both included, empty the tub thoroughly. A garden hose may be used to extend tubing if necessary. 2 gallon wet/dry vacuum included to inflate and deflate the tub. The portable bath tub has a double tube design which helps to prevent spills. 25 hose with hand-held showerhead attaches to sink for water supply. This handicap bathtub also includes 25 drain hose with on/off valve. This disabled bath aids fit for all beds. Latex free.



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