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    I've been going to this store off and on for about a year after hearing about it from a LEO I know. Lots of holsters and tactical stuff, but they can order any holster for you. I went in there the first time and got my Tan Summer Comfort for my G26 last year.Left Handed even. So they do have general CC stuff also. Been back a few times and always leave with something. Prices are reasonable and as far as clothing and tactical gear, or any type of LEO type gear, they have it. Today, I got a nice Belt out of their closeout box for $20 and saw a few Belt Holsters in there for Sigs, G21 etc ..... Again, most of their products are geared towards the Law Enforcement Community, but they have lots of cool stuff Flashlights, knives, boots, etc.. and seem to always sell me something with no pressure. They are located in the commercial block of buildings right accross 82nd Drive from the Gun Broker in Clackamas.

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