Excellent Japanese Hole-In-The-Wall Dining

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    If anyone here likes basic Japanese food you need to try out Sakura of Japan over off exit 4 right off I-5. If you haven't already been there it is quite a hole-in-the-wall but the food is very good. It is very similar to a Benihana if Benihana restaurants were located exclusively in crack ridden inner-cities. It is family owned and operated and the staff is very friendly. We go every sunday evening for dinner and I always leave happy and eager to come back. I always get the steak but it all looks good. The food is prepared on the grill right at your table and there is a ton of it. The portions are larger than Benihana and the prices are lower. The bill for seven people tonight was only $115 and three of us had the steak. The dinners start at about $12 and the lunches start at about $6.

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