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Military Issue Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI) Plates size Small rated 7.62 APM2(Civilian NIJ Level IV) multi-hit ballistic Plates. These plates are Multi-curve Ceramic Silicone Boron Carbide bulletproof plates that will stop multiple 7.62 Armor Piercing rounds(30-06 Black tip tungsten core). Plates are SAPI cut and contour to wearers body. These plates are currently issued to all US Ground Forces when deployed to hostile areas. Plates are in great condition with no damage and pretty much no use. Plates have been stored properly and in sealed/padded Pelican cases to prevent damage during storage. I'm selling a set of front and rear(2) plates. Asking for $350 or best offer or trade. I will try to work with you the best I can and am.very interested in trades or partial trade deals. I also have a small iotv with soft armor inserts id be willing to work out a seal with for the right trade/offer. All offers and trades will be considered any questions feel free to ask.

Trades: firearms, pistols, micro compact fistula, sub compact pistols, compact and full size pistols, 80% Build kits and 80% firearms(Glock ,1911, ECT) Glock, SIG, Springfield, Kimber, FN, S&W, CZ, HK, Colt, Taurus, Kel TEc, Browning, Walther, Ruger, Remington, ECT, 1911s, 3-3.5 inch 1911, DA/SA pistols, P365, P320, P229,P225,p228,p226, G42, G43,g26/27/33, G29/G30, G48, G43x, Sub Guns(stribog, scorpion, scorpion Evo 3 pistol/micro, mp5 clone, any other SMG type firearms), PDW's, PCC's, AK Pistols(any caliber, AK Rifles(any Caliber, AR pistols(any caliber, 7",10.5",8",11.5",12.5",ECT) Colt mustang/pony, micro 1911 style pistols like Kimber micro 380/micro 9, Springfield 911, SIG p238/p938, ect., Hellcat, other tactical type firearms, short barreled revolver, I'm also interested in partial trades for less expensive firearms like small low caliber pistols, Taurus, kel tec, tactical shotguns, ECT. Shield(9, 40, 45), anything else similar or that I'm forgetting. Also may be interested in partial trades for OTF/Automatic Knives(Benchmade, Micro tech,ECT)

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