Edgestar Mini Fridge w/ Freezer

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    This thing is literally like new. I put it in my garage last year to start up the "man-cave" but lately I hardly get to spend any time in there. I honeslty loaded some beer in it once and even then the beer didn't last a day.:) The garage is starting to clutter up again and I don't use it like I thought I would, no point in keeping an empty fridge plugged in constantly.

    It's a stainless steel model and it is actually quite nice looking. Maybe you have a man-cave in need of cold refreshments or want a classy mini fridge in your dorm room. Definitely a higher end mini fridge.

    As far as imperfections, it has one slight scratch/crease on the bottom door, nothing horrible. Everything else is fully operational and like new.

    I will put up an actual pic when I get home but this is the exact model. I did not buy direct from them, I got a real good deal on it from my work, it was bought to go under a counter but it didn't fit. I saw the invoice, they did pay over $300 for it.

    I'll put it up for $150 OBO

    EdgeStar 3.1 Cu. Ft. Energy Star Fridge/Freezer - CRF320SS
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