Eberlestock Halftrack in coyote

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    Hi, I got this pack on a trade and all my gear is ranger green/OD.
    Is a Eberlestock military Halftrack in coyote, it looks new, it has the rain cover but is missing the lumbar belt ($12 from Eberlestock)
    same as the link:
    Eberlestock Halftrack Backpack
    I'll be happy to email pics to interested parties, emailme questions to ebuder74@gmail.com

    I'll like to trade it for:
    -Back packs (military specs) in Ranger green or OD, 3 day pack, assault packs, Eberlestock in Ranger green (I'll pay the difference),etc..
    -Chest rigg/pouches or assault vest in Ranger green or OD (good quality, no UTG or condor crap please)
    -Tops combat knifes
    -Black Pmags , 30rds
    -Binoculars (good quality)
    -Sog Tomahawk
    -.22 lever action or a 10-22 rifle (must be local and do a FTF)
    Or..???? I'll like to get $150 trade value and I'll take or add cash depending on deal or I'll sell it for $130 plus shipping.
    Money orders or cash only please.
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