Earn extra money for the holidays - Xmas Trees- Will trade for guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The season is short, cash business, you could turn a profit fast and in time for the holidays.

    Doug Fir 5’-10’ Any Size $10

    Noble Fir 5’-8’ Any Size $10

    Fresh from Battle Ground in Southwest Washington, still growing today!

    Professionally managed fields, Great trees to sell.

    Wholesale only, 10 tree minimum, price includes cutting, Payment ½ upon tagging, ½ prior to cut.

    OR, I will trade for guns; I am open to most types.


    For example, 10 trees $100 or equal value in guns, you could sell them for a modest $25 ea. Or $250 and pocket a potential profit of $ 150…How long does it take to sell 10 trees?? Friends, Family, Neighbors.

    First to tag, will tag the best trees!!! Lots of great trees to pick from.

    More pics and info, just e-mail me!!!

    Contact Dennis for details.

    Merry Christmas!!
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