WTT WA Early Baer TRS, RTF/Gill G23

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    I have an early built TRS (Jan 2000) that may be up for trade for the right deal. Some bluing wear from carry as expected of Baers notorious thin blue finish but mechanically excellent and shoots like a dream. I have the original thin grips/screws and the VZ grips as pictured. EGW thick bushing, Wilson plug and rear site are the only mods to this pistol. Pistol is bank vault tight as expected. One Wilson 47d magazine included although I have more magazines and a Kramer horsehide IWB to include for the right deal.
    What I am looking for:
    -Colt, Remington Rand, Ithica (in order of preference) 1911a1. Arsenal refinish is fine. I am well aware of what these early Baers bring so a pitted, shot out mix master is NOT going to get it.
    -Colt m45a1
    -Colt new series 70 Gold Cup
    -Maybe a newer Valor. Havent shot one yet but looks interesting. Prefer black.
    I also have an RTF "Fish Gill" g23 in excellent shape. Factory NS, box/papers and 3 magazines. Can be worked into a trade deal as needed. Ill add pictures of that later.
    Not looking for AKs, shotguns, pistols other than quality 1911s (Colt is my theme here), revolvers etc. The RIGHT M1a or high end AR may catch my interest. A US Property marked target .22 may catch my eye as a partial trade as well (513t, Win 52, 40x etc)
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    I want a Baer so bad. I love the slide serrations on it. Wish I had something you wanted. One day I'll buy one!
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