How about a Tautus pt-140 with less than 150 rounds through it, a beretta 21A with less than 100 rounds through it and 225 cash. FTF in Salem Friday evening.
I have a brand new, unfired DPMS AR15 that I would ideally like to trade for a new Concealed Carry gun.

The gun will come with everything it comes with from the factory (cleaning kit, manual two mags). Ill also include an Aimpoint Clone Red Dot Optic that works very well, an extra PMAG, and 20 rounds of Hornady TAP ammo. The rifle has a 16" barrel, is chambered in 5.56mm, and has a 1/9 twist.

Im looking to trade for a:
Glock 19
HK USPc in 9mm or .40
HK P30 or P30L
Maybe a smaller framed stainless 1911...
Sig P228R
Possibly other guns. (Please no Kel Tecs, XD, Taurus, Hi - Point, .22's, shotguns, SKS, utility trailers, etc.)

Sell for $750

Cash, accessories, or ammo can always be used to even the trade in either direction as well.



Im located in Medford, but will be driving up to Portland tomorrow (July 7) and back down a few days later.

Sent a PM but no response. I'm not real checked out on this stuff, so just want to know if you got the PM. I have the Glock 36 & the Para-Ord P-12 and the S&W 40 cal.


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