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Direct thread or QD?

Discussion in 'NFA Weapon Discussion' started by dirtyd, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. dirtyd

    dirtyd Kenmore Active Member

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    I have my trust set up and am considering which suppressor to get (7.62). My primary use will be on my 308 bolt but I may occasionally use on my 223's. Im wondering what your guys opinions are on direct thread vs QD? Is it worth the extra $$ do direct thread suppressors get glued on pretty tight after a range session or is that not an issue?

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  2. John Gault

    John Gault clackamas county Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I'm thinking for versatility the QD trumps. Pricing says the opposite. I'm still considering options for a 300 blackout myself. Someone with experience will have to answer last question for us both. Either way you'll have fun...
  3. IronMonster

    IronMonster Washington Opinionated Member Diamond Supporter

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    Both of my big rifle cans are QD (SilencerCo Saker's) The other 6 I have are direct thread.

    Honestly I think the biggest benefit to the QD mounts is you dont have to worry about buggering up the threads, which I have never done but I worry about.

    It is not a problem to screw cans on and off, Its just not quite as cool.

    For the rigs that I leave cans attached I prefer direct thread, less bulk and weight.