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    BMW driver appears to have been making aggressive behavior at the start. It sure looked intentional. Though the video IS and HAS been edited so we aren't clear what's between cuts.

    Logic says: a person in a car should let these idiots do their lane splitting and fast riding. It's a matter of time until they paint the road. No reason to act aggressively.

    Woman in car probably should get a brandishing charge. A fist fight when you detain somebody is not grounds for you claiming you were attacked. BMW driver escalated it.

    It may be "DGU" but it's only after "AVU" (aggressive vehicle use, getting out of vehicle, confronting, detaining). True DGU would have been sitting in your car with window up pointing that at a mob of people surrounding your vehicle while trying to make an escape.

    Let us not forget:

    Where it was ruled a vehicle can be used as a defensive weapon and running their arses over to escape a possible threatening situation is allowed. Like I tell my wife, put your foot down and go straight to the police station. Don't let them surround and get the upper hand.
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    Sounds more like the writer is an A hole then the bikers.

    Yes, gang mentality sets in on the road with bikes. Can you blame them? Your driving a 3500+lb safety device and the biker is on a 500-1000lb death trap.

    Had too many people get "pissy" with me when I rode a bike, I guess because you can get away with a ton more on a bike then you can with a car and car drivers get jealous and misplace thier anger or frustration.

    Cars if the driver is in fear for thier life can drive away rather safely. I've seen bikes try and get away from an angry car driver only to see the car plow down the bike at times.

    I'm guessing I'll catch dung for this post but living in the PNW has left me pretty jaded and biased when it comes to bikes vs cars.
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    What can be said, squids on sport bikes... And yes I can say that as the pilot of my own personal Ninja...

    These guys give bike riders a bad reputation... They're nothing but trouble looking for a place to happen...

    Having said that, the guy in the Red Beemer had to seriously be pushing it to catch back up to the bikes. And why would he? Just let them go, eventually they'll meet their fate...

    As for the passenger, playing dangerous games there... Deploying a firearm, things could have gone sideways quicker than she was prepared for...

    I'm an advocate for de-escalation first... If engagement must occur, for me it would be a multi part response, increasing in intensity, up to and including deployment of my sidearm...

    Each situation is different and requires split second analysis... Best to play these scenarios over and over mentally to understand appropriate responses and with what tool...

    As for me, I would have just let them go, no confrontation needed... The the Police handle the trash...
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    Sport bikes gonna sport. Let them whiz on by. "I got stuck behind a slow sport bike" said no one ever. I suspect the BMW had a case of ego going on and wanted to "teach them a lesson".

    Years ago I used to ride a sport bike. I have had people to crazy things to me unprovoked. A guy even make eye contact with me and he ran me straight off the road. At that point a wise old biker told me to ride a few MPH faster than everyone and assume all cars are trying to kill me. This helped.

    ETA: the bikes behaved badly too.
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    Someone got punched, and the pistol de-escalated that from a potential beating.

    In watching the video, the attack on the BMW was unwarranted - reckless speed and passing before the car completed changing lanes - it looks to me that the BMW started to change lanes saw the bike speeding on his left and went back while the DB sped up and went right.

    The bikers escalated at the stop light when they parked their bikes and got off. ~ 2:21

    I agree, the driver of the car should not should have sped after them and should have stayed in his vehicle.

    In other bad behaviour:

    @ 3:32 - 3:50 the DB Squid deserved to be shot / run over / drug down the road and then set on fire. He is in the bicycle lane ! Evil.

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