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    :cool:This rifle is practically new and by that i meen i got it in December after being on back order for 6 months ( whent to the range once and only shot about 30 rounds threw it), but i need the money to buy my car. paid 2,700 for the gun including fees and such. i live in skagit county. I am now willing to trade for cash and a handgun, the gun must be nib or almost new. price is now 2000 . IF you would like to trade a nib or lnib handgun as part of the payment please be aware that i am 18 years old. and yes if you are arnt aware it is llegal to buy a gun from a private seller. link to the specifications. Rock River Arms: Custom Firearms, Parts, Accessories ... ory_id=214 its also comes with 7 pmags and the harris bipod




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