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6.5mm Creedmoor
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I just bought this a week or so ago from another member on here and my plans were to use it for my new 16.5” 6.5 prc build but defiance can’t send me a magnum bolt for 37 weeks and I’m not about to wait that long for a bolt and can’t seem to find one on other forums. Original owner claimed 1500 rounds on the barreled action. He only shot factory ammo and not handloads. With hand loads I’d fully assume it’s still a 1/2 minute BA but I haven’t shot it so I can’t confirm. He claimed it was shooting factory ammo at 1 minute after 1500 rounds. The rifling still looks strong and I just thoroughly cleaned it but I don’t have a bore scope to look at the condition of the throat. Wouldn’t have any hesitation to shoot it I just don’t have a stock or trigger for it yet so I haven’t. My plan was to get a magnum bolt for it and rebarrel it at 16.5” and shoot 6.5prc with it. The action is super slick and smooth and a bummer defiance’s lead times are that extreme even on bolts but everyone is behind

What’s included:
- Defiance Deviant Tactical action; heavy tang, shallow bolt flutes, standard (308) face bolt, 20moa rail, trigger pins, MPA bolt knob, in 2 days I’ll have a brand new Defiance “tactical” bolt knob I’ll throw in for free too just waiting on it to arrive
- MPA 26” 6.5cm all steel barrel, unsure of contour but its heavy, throated for 140eldm factory ammo, threaded 5/8x24, MPA brake

Asking $1300 FTF or $1350 shipped obo to an ffl from an individual. This is a $2000+ barreled action new. Action alone is $1350. Basically getting the chambered barrel and brake for free with this price

8DE5A8D3-1DE4-4384-8090-D54F195E6410.jpeg B37312C4-2C8A-40C6-96A7-B26604D92BAF.jpeg 2F5EA117-9B47-48AA-9B61-7FF3572D10FC.jpeg 56103D79-0019-4A93-AC50-0E7B593663E4.jpeg D825108F-DDAD-4809-BF60-885A43BE9E01.jpeg 2D47DE73-BEE5-44BA-B75F-9A9BCC589FF6.jpeg 9BCA8CE9-F969-4A21-884D-FCA96FD4F0DC.jpeg AA8BFB2F-5A12-460A-B8A1-0A114861D7F1.jpeg 44F2A2B0-B78A-41B2-87AC-BB85894D1F30.jpeg
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