Dedicated .22 flat top upper on shortened and stippled Cav Arms lower

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    Selling my dedicated .22 upper as I need to pay the CC company back for SHOT Show and eventually run one of the new CMMG drop-ins.


    Upper- T Marked, Spike's flat top, FA is plugged with rubber cylinder
    Barrel- Spikes dedicated .22lr 16" M4 profile, threaded 1/2-28, A2 FH
    Bolt- Spikes new style dedicated .22lr with nickel coating
    Charging handle- Stag, standard latch
    FF Tube- Bushy Rifle Length that I coated with Flat Black Moly Resin
    Lower- Cavalry Arms that I shortened to Entry-ish length, built a custom but pad from rubber, reduced and stippled the front, rear and right side of the grip, under-cut the trigger guard, and stippled outside front and right side of the magwell, then finished in OD CeraKote Air Dry
    LPK- Stag with TTI light hammer, trigger and disconnector springs for about 5lb trigger weight.

    Gun weighs right at 6lbs on my crappy scale.

    There is no buffer or spring in the stock section, instead it's got a piece of white 1" Delrin rod keeping the bolt from sliding back. Gives the proper weight without having to run a spring and buffer. The rod can easily be removed so a spring and buffer can be installed for something other than .22lr.

    I had issues with the original bolt so the upper went back to Spikes, they went through it, ended up replacing the bolt and I've only got about 750-900 rounds through the new bolt and it runs great, though some tuning of the recoil spring would help get it running 99%.

    Does not come with any sights, nor the JPoint and mount pictured and especially not the blonde operator pictured holding the gun. That's my 4 year old nephew. No mags are included either. It uses Black Dog Machine mags available from JC(he should still have some) and

    I'm asking $675 for the entire set up with no mags, optics or sights. This must go through FFL. I will do FTF to preview but must go through FFL to sell. If someone wants this before the end of the weekend(need some $$ for SHOT Show), I'll pay for the transfer.

    For an extra $30, I can drill and flush mount a QD swivel socket just behind the rear take down pin.

    Thanks! Mike 503. 819. 6166


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