CZ P07 Duty 9 mm with Tactical Light for FNX-9

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    I have a very good condition CZ P07 Duty 9 mm I bought a few months ago. I would like to trade it for an FNX-9. It has about 300-400 rounds at the most through it, and shoots great. It will chew through anything you put in it, and I have not had a single problem. I am wanting to trade it for the FNX-9 because that has a very good feel to it in my hands. The CZ does also, but I like to be able to have the interchangeable backstraps of the FNX-9. The CZ also comes with a tactical light. Also comes with a case and 2 magazines. Great for conceal carry. Specifications:

    Brand: CZ-USA
    Caliber: 9 mm
    Capacity: 16 + 1
    Barrel: 3.8 inches
    Safety: Manual (Does not come with decocker safety kit but can be purchased from CZ website for cheap)

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