CZ-75b 9mm

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    Good condition, accurate, and reliable. Haven't had any problems with it. If you know anything about the CZ-75, you'll know that the slide rides inside the frame rails instead of on the outside. Tight slide-to-frame fit and low bore-axis means greater accuracy and quicker follow-up shots. This is not the de-cocker model. This gun can be carried cocked-and-locked like a 1911. All-steel construction. Comes with 4 mags.

    Cash price is $600
    Trade interests: 1911s in all sizes, S&W 686+, Beretta 92A1/M9A1, SS Ruger Vaquero .357, .357 lever-action rifles, pistol-caliber carbines, Hi-Powers, Mini-14s, other offers?

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