CZ 40P with upgrades and extras $575 In Vancouver, Washington

All black finish. Exterior in good condition - some nicks in the finish. Inside, some of the trigger roughness smoothed out and some other polishing done. Very accurate shooter. Heavy enough to handle the .40 round well. Will also accept the Kadet .22LR Kit. Estimated round count to be under 600. I never had a misfire or failure to fire with a CZ!
  • Crimson Trace rubberized grips LG-476 (also fits CZ 75 D PCR Compact and CZ P-01)
  • Steel recoil guide rod installed (OEM plastic one included)
  • Four (4) 10-round magazines with rubber base pads and upgraded springs (one shown on pistol) – fuller contoured grip
  • Two (2) 10-round magazines with flat steel plate bottom – flush bottom, shorter grip
  • One (1) magazine marked .41 Action Express – worked fine with the .40 S&W rounds, but does not have the rubberized extension – sticks out
  • Plastic case (no tools, no manual - can get it here ---> page7b)
FTF in Washington state. Will travel to FFL in Portland.

I also have .40 S&W ammo and reloading gear (die set, bullets, casings) for sale. Will trade for some .45 ammo.
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