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    On the block is my M1a project:

    Springfield armory barreled receiver in .308 (shoots both .08 and 7.62), unitized gas cylinder.

    Springfield armory trigger group, cleaned up and frog lubed. Factory 6ish pounds, breaks like glass.

    Sadlak industries 82nd airborne mount. Rock solid steel 3 points of contact on receiver. Irons can be used and ran up to 1K underneath the mount.

    SWFA SS10x42M With butler creek flip ups and long sunshade (Sunshade not mounted in the picture.) Shoots the box like a champ.

    Burris Xtreme tactical medium rings.

    JAE Gen 2 Dark Green stock with OPTIONS: Barrel tensioner, grip rest, front bottom rail for bipod, adjustable cheek rest with spacers, off hand grip with rail for mono pod, QD cups all over the place for quick disconnect sling mounts, 2 quick disconnect sling mounts, butt pad, and monopod (I believe the monopod is made by accushot and supplied to JAE.) These are all JAE parts and can be found on their website.

    Harris bipod, the good 1 with horizontal swivel.

    All metal has been treated with frog lube (the reason for the waxy look in some of the pictures.)

    1 20 rd springfield steel mag

    7 20 rd ProMag steel mags

    1 20 rd polymer mag

    1 springfield armory 5 or 10 round mag, can't remember which

    Brownells chamber brush

    A ton of paperwork and books on m1a's

    This rifle was put together as a wouldn't it be cool if rifle by myself with some help/ ideas from my sniper section sergeant while I was still in the army. The tensioner not only allows you to fine tune accuracy but also negates some of the heat POA/POI issues you get with other rifles, allowing you to take less time to let the barrel cool between shots. With the tensioner adjusted and some fundamentals I have shot an average of 1 1/4 inch center of hole to center of hole at 100 yards with federal American eagle M1A 168 GR. Yes that is (or was, haven't bought any after SHTF with gun prices) the $17 dollar plinking ammo. Only seen over 1.5 with the finished rifle/ammo combo once and it was because I forgot to torque the gas plug down when I had put it back together once and it was randomly bleeding gas. The 1.5 was shooting off the hood of my jeep from the bi pod and a sand sock, and i'm not that good of a shot since I've been out. The only time i've put match ammo through it was with 5 rounds of 168 gold medal match I mooched from a friend at the range and the 5 shot group was sub MOA. Never really had the need or the available distance to pay 2x as much just to squeeze out a couple tenths of an MOA. This thing has been sitting in my safe and i've shot it twice in the last 2 years. It has had about 200 rounds give or take 10 through it. The scope, mount, and rings were chosen because they are bomb proof. The scope is what the seals use(d) on their barret .50's because its rugged and can take a lot of depth in salt water. There was a lot of blood sweat and tears that went into the building and tuning of this rifle. I'm not too fond of selling this because I love it and has a lot of nostalgia for me but i've other things I could use money for than sitting in my safe.

    Has some nicks in the medal around the rear sight from installing the mount.

    The range ticks on the parallax knobs of the scope are off from grabbing the ring to adjust it. The sight picture is what is used for proper parallax adjustment so it doesn't affect the working of the scope

    The green hand guard has some nicks in it from clearancing it.

    I have more photos, just ask.

    Would like to get 3500 but will consider any reasonable offers. If you live close, are a serious buyer, and have match ammo I would be more than happy to meet you at a range and let you proof the accuracy.

    Thanks for the consideration,






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    To 3500 OBO

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